you blow cold air on my wet skin and I shiver
in summer where your lips trace frost bite down my neck
that arcs your way and almost breaks
cracking windows in my soul so I see through tears
and you glory in the way I rain so you dance in circles
a tornado scattering me apart
together you are yourself and your other
you spilt me in half before you split on me
as you are your air and you cannot breathe
when I swim through your veins you suffocate
so your kiss takes what's yours and I have no breath
so full of life that your absence is demise
a winter chill and my rattling bones
you whistle through your teeth and it shakes my leaves
that threaten to fall as you summon autumn early
the brightness of my leaves turns your complexion green
so I shrivel away and my passion dries out
I am a sea, I am an ocean I am water I am sustenance
and you dear Gemini carry my heart away in a gust of wind
you are air, you are open space and you are the tsunami within me

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