Sycological no how!
What is expected of Humanhood?
If we are not given the chance!
Lets talk about value.
Behind the physical image before you,
Beyond the scene is the true identity!
Gender,Tribe,Race,Culture, Age,and Nationality!
Is not a guaranty for restrictions!
To allowing woman occupy
Space of relevance with great results.
The judge noding His head,
mistaking a voice for a man,
Turned with large smile.
I see how men stared disdain
Once is the image of WO-MAN!
Why not stand as one
To make the Nation a better place.
The born and unborn beacons
There are territories the so called men
Can't penetrate let the women impact
The long shirts,low cut,skirts,gowns
Comeon! is never a guarantee for positive change outbreak.
Let empowering women vast begin!
So we could give a large smile,
Like the judge without baise.

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