Gender Norms

Go one way, you are labeled as male,
Go the other way and you are labeled as female,
But no one said anything about the grassy, overgrown area in the middle
No one said “That area is off-limits”,
No one said, “You can’t go there, that’s the wrong way”, 
At least not until someone dared walk the untrodden path,
Then….. all hell broke loose
“What are you DOING!?” they said,
“What even ARE you!?” they asked,
“YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE!!!”, they shouted,
You stand there, confused and wondering,“Where did I go wrong?”
“I just don’t want to be labeled as either,” you say
Everyone stands around, confusion written on their face 
“But we don’t know what you are”, they said
“I am ME.” you tell them
“You can call me “They, and Them”, you clarify for them,
The females look around wondering if they have space
For a “They, Them”
The males shift on their feet, wondering
“Can we accept a “They, Them?”
You declare to them, “I’m making my own group,You can join if you like…., or not” 
You say, “I’m independent and free of gender shackles,”
“Free from misogyny, and over-enlarged egos,
from  cutthroat lies, and body-shaming.”
“I am who I am, and that’s all I’ll ever be.”

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