Generation Violence

Because we'll never really know,
What would have happend,
If we stopped it, because we never would have known,
If we would have tripped and things changed,
Your present or your future can never be a promise,
Because our generation is filled with violence,
Because fights and guns are the solution.
We call ourselves mature,
But can't use words to work it out?
We have to hurt someone to get the feeling out?
Do we really need to see someone bleeding and dieing,
With there mommy screaming my baby ?
What if that was your mom ?
What if that was you laying in that hospital bed?
Because you sat there and perfered the end!
You choose your fights and games,
So tell me was it really worth the pain?
To swing left and right duck and dive,
To smash and crash,
Tell me... was it worth to let your anger out on a soul?
If it was you you'd feel the same as that body lying on the floor
Restrain your anger and pain,
Just please... walk away.

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