Generation Z

but what is this generation ?
we call ourselves geniuses
say that we’ll be alright
but will we be ?
like for real ?
it’s not the truth for everyone
cause we’re sinking deeper into this nowhere
this blank space in our heads
no tradition
no compassion
no faith
just risk
pass out
our heads out
till we feel nothing
till we feel like infinity
with no control over our bodys
floating around
without problems
without thinking about the next day
but to stay in this exact moment forever ?

who are our role models ?
are they real ?
do they know how we feel ?
or do we just follow them
to fulfill something
to hold on to something
to have someone we can admire
even if it’s a mindless psycho
we hype up
lift them up
to fill something inside us
cheer them on
pass out in the crowds
jump in melancholy
to feel free

what do we wanna say ?
what do we wanna change ?
what is our landscape ?
Our ideas ? Our imaginations ?
is it worth something ?
will it change something ?
Or is it just a urge that we feel
to wanna be heard ?
do we know in what world we live in ?
which state we are in ?
the crisis the catastrophes
no one is shedding tears no more
violence lost the shore
becomes a normal substance to our lives
every war headline
our daily read
burns in our brains
makes us feel useless
wanna be fearless
wanna fight
go and risk your life !

do we risk ?
or are we just pissed
cause we’re supposed to feel alright
but it’s a fucking fight !

depression, suicide, anxiety
mental illnesses run our society
our youth the children
everyone has it
wants to die
doesn’t see a new day
not even the next hour
and no one really listens
or tries to understand
what’s in our heads
there is help
there are ressources
but will they bring out our forces ?
will they make us smile
while we all cry in our hearts ?

we all wanna be remembered
we all wanna have a legacy
we all wanna be who we we always wanted to be
but will we ?
will it be possible ?
the impossible ?

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