Generation Z

Our kids don’t know how to communicate.
They’re taking selfies while getting ready for a date.
They meet up but never put down their phone.
Is that really better than being alone?
Trying to get approval from people they don’t even know
Mimicking what they see on reality shows
So worried about how many friends look at their posts
Kinda sad. How many of those friends are close?
Her emotions are erratic and his views are twisted.
Check out their Facebook friends. Who is that listed?
Oh man I didn’t see this before.
She’s twelve and this guy messaging her is thirty four!
The suicide rate among teens is on the rise.
These parents act like they’re so surprised.
Texting their friends saying they don’t understand
Aren’t you the one that put that device in their hand?
Wait maybe it doesn’t have to be like this.
I think I need to set some restrictions and limits.
I think we might still have a chance at peace.
I can finally relax; what a relief!

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