Generational Fantasies

Why are we so lonely on a side of morality,
Shouldn't we feel outright pure,
Destined for failure in chains of truth?
In convincing the approach for dishonesty,
Is truth unjustified?
Why make life a puzzle of sanity,
When a maze of insanity is easier?
The preconception of a perfect life
is no more than an illusion we strive to achieve,
yet is is unobtainable?
Why is being a bright light harder than
being a dark shadow of deception,
Objecting to life is tough enough,
realizing fate means we're a black
sheep with hopes for a black hole.
There's nothing better than being
lead to fantasy when the error of
reality is there,
Surprise, I told you so.
Are we the stone wall, our own worst enemy
trapped in a world of unforgiveness,
Strip us from one thing...
Strip us from the cruel distaste in society.
Destroy the abhorrent labels that we grant
upon ourselves to find our way through the maze,
but is there ever truly a map?

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