Generationally We

We were not born with computers on our desks,
Nor vibrating phones or television sets
In our rooms. We just had a bed and a dresser
Filled with corduroy jeans and maybe a jumper.
I can remember back when in the day
We'd call a friend's house to see "if Ashley can play?"
And of course, if we called and no one was home
The phone would just ring . . . and ring all alone.
It's a double-edged sword, technology today . . .
Nobody makes phone calls, they just text what to say.
No matter how close or how far we have come,
One thing's in common with our generational sum.
We remember the day when we still played outside
And begged our siblings if we needed a ride!
We sat as a family at the dinner table
And overall, things were financially stable.
At Grandma's house, she'd keep candies in jars.
When we looked up at night's sky, we could see all the stars!
And not the stars like on reality shows,
Those fist-pumping guys and teens in maternity clothes.
We played with Pogs, Crazy Bones, and Tamagotchi
Long before Facebook, Google, and HuluTV.
But as the web grew and became our whole life,
We now use it today to negotiate strife.
With all that has changed in a world of strange diversity,
We are all still connected; Generation Y, generationally we.

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