Genetic Dark

Creation an evolution written in test by revolutions is melted. To discover what was how about science founded by who? In the cell came a bio Intel first earth other planets.

Beast then least were us it is the process now exist thought of it. It is now so to digest death when life is overwhelmed. It is now when the nerves are disrupting for follow in the brain.

As human time begin from one they thought named a sequence of DNA found on the ground somewhere a species from a single cell. Not fully expressed don't know what I meant there.
Yet it the rest of us with the world become said to from a cell the nerd's word. Scientist made a theory the big band was a joke.

What is human?
What is animal?

To explain being cannibal about the expansion of galaxies unbound. Now we live off the flesh politically correct. In financial stress sweating America is by racial tension in debt.
It does at best are plants best? Vegans complain yes and others like me see the rest cows are for food.

Genes are our means and all things are seen through perspective. Money is always agreed with different means.
In the brains that whom may it please known of the weak fallen to be beat; with sticks liberals I seek.

Not only I seek success and to be rich the dream, but to help all who is of need. Not the rich but those who are sick mentally and cannot handle the brokenness.

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Analyzing moments of time that have passed in a written vague manner.