Gentle, Men

The cracks, can't glue, stick, tape;
Heard Cinderella and her prince
Wished the glass slipper broke,
With no more happy endings.

Ladies and gentlemen!
Stories they narrate,
There is no Superman with a cape
Mankind, lost their kind.

Fabricate, lubricate and narrate
Falsely fairy tales.
Superheroes, actual demons
Rule and illustrate,

Shells on the shore,
Closer look, tattered bones
Wore it around
Carried a life long curse.

Count the stars,
But the skies dark.
The twinkle, captured, sphere fractured;
I was ten and it happened then.

Gems, I thought
But worms that clasped
Pulled and slaughtered all,
Never relied on fallacies again.

Scratched the paint
It was a skull;
‘Alas! I'm terrified’
Lingered around it till late.

Again ladies and menfolk,
They are forever deceased
You too flee.
A miracle, if it's a happy ending.


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