Gently Leaving Me

You abandoned me, you know.
I know it wasn't your fault,
and you might as well have blown up into a million pieces,
but i feel like i'm standing on a cliff,
with no room to move,
just waiting for something to happen.
Waiting for your eyes in the clouds,
waiting for your feet on the ground,
your toe still crushed
from when you closed it in a door
when you were a kid,
or your cold, bony hands,
which were so comforting to me,
to lean on your disappearing shoulder,
my head the weight of the world,
tears storming out of my eyes
onto your sweater.
And you looked so fragile,
with your doll's hair,
and the big lenses in your glasses.
I wonder,
what happens to a doll
with pull-apart limbs
and colorful sweaters
when she's ripped apart
from the inside

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