Get Into Position

My Beautiful hears the words escape she has been craving.
“Get into position.”
My Beautiful climbs onto the clothed king size pillow.
“Show it to me.”
My Beautiful puts her head into the pillow and points her ass to the ceiling.
“Spread your knees wider.”
My Beautiful smiles awaiting for her orgasm to start.
“I am going to fuck you so hard.”
My Beautiful feels the palm of my hand
“Do you want me to cum inside baby?”
My Beautiful shakes her head in approval, as the head of my dick dick gets engulfed by her pussy.
“Now throw that ass back and swallow my dick.”
My Beautiful shivers as the introduction of the cock she fell in love with breaks into her golden gates.
“I am going to make your ass clap.”
My Beautiful is speechless feeling my fingers dig into her cheeks and the dick goes deeper with each thrust then it exits.
“Roll over baby, Daddy is going to cum.”
My Beautiful rolls over and immediately spreads her lower wings and says, “Please fuck me Daddy.”
“Put my dick where you want it.”
My Beautiful grabs the throbbing gift and guides it to her soaking pussy.

I Love My Beautiful
I see a beauty that’s invisible to the naked eye.

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Tags : #love, #sex, #desire, #orgasm, #thighs
Key Words : love, relationship, sex, desire sexual, eyes

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The anticipation of making love is insane. It drives me wild. The tease of her eyes, lips and skin makes me grind my teeth for her lust My Beautiful