Get Over Yourself.

Know your friends,
Break no bends,
Only where the lines will end,

You say to me,
And I to you,
Or rather scream between us two,

You think this,
And I know that,
You’re too obsessed to step right back,

Overly into the thought of yourself,
You’re blinded by the words of distant wealth,

The ones that you can’t even think to see,
Due to the fact that you will not plea,

You cannot see from the other side,
You simply choose not to ignore your pride,

That’s much too big for your minuscule head,
Keep on like this and you’ll end up dead,

Or perhaps just alone is how you will be,
Maybe then you’ll finally see and agree,

And if you don’t, you’re just a lost cause,
A waste of life in this land of laws,

It’ll bite you, break you, leave you there to rot,
You’ll be gone before you ever had a shot.

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