Get Your Life

Imagine a cross. Not the one on your chain but thorns on His brain,
How dare you say God doesn't care for you? He thought you.
My God forgive them for what they do.
As you take a stroll throughout this park of life,
bench-warming your hearts-distracted by the kites,
the sun is looking down on you waiting for you to be on fire.
and righteous, but we just act like nothing happened.
Maxing out our credit cards of sin.
Going to God only when in trouble.
Expecting Him to freely pay our fees.
He doesn't even mumble.
Shh! Every shh that He makes isn't a good moment of silence.
Committing your violence, and when He stops speaking to you
or helping you, you get mad, well join His alliance!
This is a warning for all those who listen!
As my words pierce your hearts, Jesus took the whipping!
On His back, beaten all night long, you heard this story before
like an old song, so why!?!...
Do you keep on running away from His love?
It's supposed to bring you closer,
like the nails in hands, fitting like a glove.
Resurrection Sunday comes,
and that Sunday goes.
Three days He laid. The third day He rose
He went back to Heaven
with all power! So why only eat crumbs?
If you don't partake in the bread of life
then you're gonna need Tums,
but you like it that way,
but what will you do when the end comes?

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