Getting old


Getting old is more than a state of mind.
It's every mans journey a date with time.
The clock start ticking with a crack on the behind.
The race began with the crying.
The journey to old age is a trip toward dying.
You take note of your success and failure
because time is flying.
Your youthful innocence is such a delicate stage.
You live life to its fullest and keep turning the page.
You take chances in and out of romances.
Savoring life's moments an enjoying the dances.
Wisdom and grace or indicators of a changing state.
Time goes on an experiences continue to incubate.
Time passes and steps slow. You look over your
shoulder wondering where did the time go.
only you can recognize that transitional day.
When Youth stops an old age comes into play.
The hands began to shake bones began to ache.
Your memory began to fade and you know it is getting
The story of your life becomes clearer as each day
becomes dearer. And, the end of your life is nearer.
That slap on the behind began to cross your mind.
As, you look back on your life and the passing of time.

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