Getting Over It

"It's in the past, get over it"
is something you hear all the time
but what about those people
Who have pasts they cannot get over,
pasts that haunt their lives,
pasts that torment them in their dreams.
A person cannot get over the past
by simply forgetting about it.
The past
is still in their memories
and those memories will torment them
for the rest of their lives.
For some people it is easy,
but for the others it make take professional help,
but in all honesty
getting over the past
is not as easy
as people make it seem.
The past will torture you
until you learn to accept it
in all that it is.
The past is a part of you,
so until you can accept the past
you cannot fully accept yourself
as who you really are.
Acceptance is key,
but acceptance is the hardest
thing a person has to master
"It's in the past, get over it"
is an over-rated, overused statement
that just makes people feel horrible
and depressed because they cannot.
they cannot accept the past.

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