Ghetto Protege

I was born inside these imaginary ghetto boundary lines
Predicted before my birth to have already committed a crime
You see this system is set up for me to fail then you wonder
why I have so much hate for this world.
You didn't think I had the ability to comprehend more than
see Jane run;
so you took away my books and pens and taught me
about guns and drugs; yet I'm the one considered a thug
You say I'm an animal and should be caged But,
you never gave me a way to explore my talents or release my rage.
And now that I'm grown you call me a menace to society
but what I am is a ghetto protege.
A protege of your racism, your ignorance and your hate
But, yet I still remain the topic of all your campaign debates
So as long as you let the drugs in we will continue to make cream
We work together in a modern day money scheme
So stay in your safe haven away from my part of town
Because I'm a ghetto protege; Americas unclaimed child

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