I see your ghost all the time ,in every store, every coffee shop
even the 7-11 at 3am,coming home from talking to nobodies
at the bar.

You grin and your eyes light up, as they follow me to the door
you're in my car, turning up the music, changing the station
settling for a station with a song
that reminds you of me.

You're on my couch watching a movie, asking me to sit with you
or offering me a beer, when you get up to get one yourself
you're in my bed asleep
unconsciously clinging to me
not wanting to let me go.

We're sitting outside, the summer night sings to us
and the darkness clings to our skin, as we talk through the night
the fireflies dance around us
acting as our stars
in the galaxy of our dreams.

But when I see you, you're not really there at all
and that's what hurts the most, it tears me up into bits and pieces
knowing that you're a short drive away
but you're not speaking
not to me anyway.

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