The past is a ghost and it follows her here
While faces once close now random appear
And memories swell like the moon pulls the tides
And they threaten to drown the delicate bride
Once blossoming once brilliant once brimming with pride
Now posing in absence with false smile applied
With everything needed or wanted or more
How is the hearth still empty still frore
When sorrow bleeds through the joy once held dear
When loneliness rides over all who stand near
When time flies so fast madness threatens to draw near
That's when the shades of lost days appear

Whether waiting to live or waiting to expire
Life waits for no one but death waits to mire
In the night it appears as a ghostly tear
Then dissipates quickly as the morning grows near
At bay once again til night once more rears
With the ghosts of the past riding high on her fears

And the ravages of time slide over with grace
To kiss once again the smile on her face
And the memories fade like a flimsy facade
Replaced by the comfort of chemical laud
As the dawn crawls toward dusk no more does she cry
She walks from the past too dark now to spy

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