"Do you swear my love,
that you will never leave my side"
Those words came from a fretful mouth,
sounding sincere even in a world where
sincerity is a crippling leap of faith
The softness of his voice traveled through my ears,
some how finding a passage way straight to my heart
For a little while,
everything seemed at peace,
and my feelings were being rocked in a cradle
by his beautiful and supple hands
Until one day,
when the Sun did not happen
to set on my fragile silhouette,
his eyes grazed upon a brighter soul
I held our memories deep within the folds of
my brain,
But constantly tried finding ways to take them out
of my mental maze
I placed my body on the grass below the Moon and stars,
letting the tears flow down
and trickle onto the patches of green
For I am now just a ghost,
and for you are a person that could no longer see me

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