Ghost Of Another

The girl you said you used to know has not left
She hasn’t gone anywhere
She remains as she always has
The sparkle in her eye has faded
That smile that could light up a room has dulled
Her hair is long but her temper is short
Her cheeks become tear stained and she struggles to exist
She starts to turn distant until the point where her herself becomes foggy
An image of a girl blurred by false ideas and standards
Broken down by her own mind
A girl afraid
Afraid of the future and of herself
And the question remains: Where is the line between real and imaginary?
When is the point where we turn into oblivion,
Drowned in everything we didn’t have and everything we didn’t know we had?
When does it stop?
Forever stuck floating down a river with disoriented ideas and expectations
Torn down by distorted images
She is not the size of her bra
And she is not the size of her waist.
She is not the girl people see.
This girl who you once knew has been cracked and withered away into the ghost of another
A girl grown up too fast
Robbed of innocence and trust
Loving and hurting
She fights daily battles
The TV makes her feel less alone at night
And the words she writes are thoughts too sad to be spoken
Too afraid of sounding depressed or suicidal
She keeps quiet and stays hushed
But she is neither of these things
She’s simply a young girl jaded by a particularly sucky deck of cards
Only at night does her mind come alive and her soul opens up
Just another victim of media and stereotypes
Trapped inside a body she doesn’t want and looking for someone who may be willing to listen
Because her mind is actually tragically beautiful.

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