Letters sent to the wind, and her disappearance is noted within them. All of those years that passed the
thought festered and demoralized, The memory felt but abandoned. The war fought now ended, Where
does the ghost of this pain lay destined to remain. I fear that it only is held by one while the other runs
with a devil against the odds of time. She came to me damaged. Lost, forgotten. I gave her purpose, love
and my hand, and she darkened my entire world. Stole my lust for life, and sent me in pain back to a hell
I had forgotten so long before her. Now as the world walks away in constant rejection of my existence. I
stand alone here. Bearing my soul empty, and lost. Trying to forget the women that hindered my soul.
Trying to remember what its like to feel loved, and wanted. Trying to remember things that mean very
little to anyone else but myself. I suppose I was a ghost to her one that she burned and now I am drifting
like ash’s to the wind. Lost forever a memory of love always taken for granted.

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This Poems Story

I went through a bad break up and this poem says allot about how I felt during the break up.