Ghosts Aren’t Wrapped In Blanket

They see what we see
They are what we are
Filled with air and history
There pictures are in our lockets
Ghosts aren't wrapped in blankets
They are everywhere we go
They are the sounds of each step we take
They never leave what they love
No life is a mistake
They never cry nor stop to think
They are home
Ghosts cannot sink
Guiding each breath you take
Nothing is wasted
Nothing in life is a mistake
We never forget them
They never forget us
Til this day our bones are dust
Forever they will sing
Always they will bring
A sunshine to our days
A map guiding our ways
To bring us home safe
Forever there pictures in lockets
These ghosts aren't wrapped in blankets
They are all free souls
Not just pictures we carry in our pockets
They are the light we need
To bring us home safe
Until we be
They are free

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