Ghosts Don’t Scare Me

Shadows mock me with no second thought
and laugh at my faults; I'm crumbling, I'm cracking
I'm falling-

And who are you to tell me I can't make it?
And who are you to tell me I've failed when you've
Never known failure?

The mirror laughs, so I cover it.
Sometimes I slowly sink into oblivion.
And maybe I push too hard or not enough
And sometimes I scream at your beauty that kills me
And stills me and thrills me
And I beg you to bomb me, to vaporize me
And terrorize me and paralyze me
Because if I must go on: I'll crumble, I'll crack, I'll fall.
And these memories that chill me and still me and kill me
Are all I have left to remind me

That my head is my sepulchre, my body the sea
And my heart is my kingdom.
Because love can't exist where the ground is uneven
And a kingdom is tattered
And illusions are shattered.
So, shadows keep mocking; you've made me see
That I'm not afraid of ghosts-
I'm afraid of flesh and blood people like me.

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