Gift of beautiful mornings...

By Divya    Avatar

Touched we are by the beauty of nature,
For without the greens where will wonder be found?
Those morning hours begin with such grace and elegance,
With the rise of light the earth is just filled with magic.

The song of the birds will let windows open,
Breathe of the fresh air will sparkle your day ahead.
With the flight of the birds and the presence of the smallest creatures,
The grounds of nature will be busy for the day.

There is so much merry as we admire the dew over the leaves,
Like crystals all over the world will sparkle with the light.
As we take little steps over the grass,
There is nothing more than that of a wondrous feel.

Not every dawn is ever the same but yet very different,
For this is how nature truly surprises us all.
Cherish every moment in life filled with merry and wonder,
For beauty is all around waiting to be found.

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This Poems Story

We all love to be in the presence of nature and so is the same for me. The Sunrise, the chirp of the birds, there is much more to what our eyes can see. I just love to sit by the garden and feel the nature around, as the birds chirp and flap there wings, the rays of the sun passes through the trees all this is truly