Girl behind the mirror

She really wanted to cry after the last night,Leaving a horrible feeling inside
She kept quiet,She didnt want the family to fight.
She wanted to go away from the pervert as soon as she could,
But her signals for help were misunderstood.
She had sleepless nights ,because she wanted to protect herself.
She had high fever and she was shivering hard,
Nobody else, but she was her own guard.
Safety and sleep was the need of the hour,
Her situation was cordial which turned into sour.
So, she used the bathroom to sleep,
But the apprehension of his character made her weep.
How could her own uncle do that to her,
She was in big shock and anger.
The incident just stroke her mind ,
She almost lost herself some where behind.
But still, there is a reason she believes,
And never stopped trusting God and his plans.
I wanted to hold her and give her a tight hug,
since the only thing she needed was...a warm hug
She was Shivering while standing behind the mirror,
She rubbed her arms to get rid of the goosebumps and the tears.
Looking at her in the mirror my teeth chattered ,while goosebumps prickled my skin, I totally felt shattered.
I wish somebody could just hold her hand
And pull her out of the damn mirror,
She was the girl...the Brave girl behind the mirror

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