Girl Power

By Vickie    Avatar

Hello to all the girls who think they can’t
To all the women who have convinced themselves that they shouldn’t
To all the little baby girls being told they couldn’t
I’m not here to tell you to go walking around
Telling people to shut up and sit down
Or yelling for no reason and being called big mouth
Because all that’ll do is get you kicked out
What I want you to do is just be yourself
I know it’s not easy, I've been there myself
I tried to scrape my way, carve out my destiny
But I did it when I didn't believe in myself
I went along thinking I'm not good enough
I'm no good and need to get better
But I realized after climbing, slipping, and falling
That I am good enough and I don't need to prove it to anyone.
I am good enough and deserve it all
That's why I am able to jump high enough to reach my goals and...
Here I am
I survived, I'm surviving
I'm happy, I'm loving
I'm carefree, I'm singing
I'm standing here, I'm living

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