Girl with the Pen

To that girl with the pen
Get lost in how it makes you feel
Each sentence
Telling a story of the heart.
Ink it in,
Let it sink in,
Like a tattoo of the soul
Fill it with your truths
Your light and your dark
A hope or a broken heart
Pour your being into the barrel of the pen
And make it powerful
For whomever holds the pen
Holds the antidote to pain
No one said you had to be alone
Listen to the whispers from that place
Where inspiration comes
Holdfast your pen
And bottle the magic
To that girl with the pen
Wrap a tear in the folds of your paper
And share it with the world
See how beautiful it looks?
Just as any painting
As divine as any symphony
To that girl with the pen
Your words are gifts to the spirit
Make them beautiful.

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