I ran into my room and I sat down to write
But what words could I say to make someone feel something
What words are powerful enough to connect me to the world's heart
I start crying for no reason but for all the reasons including
I am a girl
Objectification is an obligation to make them feel more powerful
Feminism is a word too strong it means you must be crazy
And if I don't say anything it's a sin, but I'm scared
I wonder if people realize how trapped I feel
I'm in a room without a voice with so much to say
I need you to listen but you won't get out of your own head
I know I already offended people I already made you so angry
But I'm just trying to speak
Because somewhere in the world a girl can't speak
Because she's helplessly lying on the ground for wearing a skirt
I have to speak for her because this makes me angry
I'm growing up in a world where being a girl is dangerous
A bomb is strapped to my breasts just waiting to go off
My shirt is too low and if you cat call me I might blow
I shouldn't have to feel scared if I walk alone at night
I need you to listen to me as a human not just as a girl
We bleed the same blood and cry the same tears
I'm helplessly begging you to listen
I am a girl and I walk this world with the same heartbeat as you
And I speak for all the girls who are hurting
I'm so sorry you don't deserve this
So I'm sitting here writing and crying for so many reasons
When will the world listen?

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