You're worth so much more than diamonds and gold girl.
Listen to your soul, it will tell you all you need to know girl
Keep shining, keep grinding away at the parts they tell you are too hard or too much for them to touch.
Sometimes their hands are not strong enough to hold onto you, girl thats not your issue.

The lies he'll feed you are unbeliveable, hungry lonely hearts will eat them up.
Be the type that is fasting, you want a love that is lasting.
Feed your own soul girl, then you will know just how beautiful a girl can be, when she needs nobody.
If he can't touch your soul with his energy then girl he can't touch you physically.

It doesn't matter if you're 15 or 50.
We all get lonely, chase your dreams to pass time because life has no rewind.
If he goes at least you will know you tried to let him know your soul.
Not all cuts leave a scar when we know deep down girl who we are.
Karma is a beautiful thing and girl you need not do a thing.
Those that go, let them go
Trust in the universe to only bring that same energy you are sharing.
It will happen you will know and be glad you didnt go.

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