Girls & Poetry

I heard girls like poetry,
so i started with 2 lines,
2 words, too fine,
I'm too kind and your more like 2 fives,
falling for these words at the drop of a dime,
just your silouette shadows the back of my mind,
just the thought of your lips kissing mine,
traces your beauty and writes its own lines,
and forces me to define divine,
and all thats left is to write what I see in your eyes,
but I can't, I don't have enough time,
maybe if I wrote it in a rhyme,
...I heard you like poetry,
just the sound of it leaving my lips,
touching your soul without fingertips,
usually you ignore but you listen to this,
your beautiful for the opportunities i missed,
you now choose to listen because you love poetry,
so this is my gift...

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