Give and Take

I claim "It is me who makes you who you are!"
I forget you've been here since the very start
Before the breath of life entered my dust existence
You have always flourished with your persistence
I think it is okay to pull you away, because I do not hear you scream
I romanticize your produce as if it was a dream
You make, I take, you continue, as do I
Why don't you say something? Your silence makes me sigh

I don't know if I am hurting you, you must give a signal
I blindly keep doing what I do, are you feeling dismal?
I disect, I spit at what I do not like about you
"Don't take it personal, it's what we all do!"
Preference makes no difference on the value of your life
I say this as I continue to casually use a knife
Against you, to take all that which I need
Never considering what all you do for me

Only taking when you are ripe
Consuming through my vicious pipe
I hate that I need and need and need
To feed and feed and feed
Must take your life to sustain my own
Throwing scraps, unappreciating what you've grown
I am sorry, to take all that you are to keep what I am
I cannot help that this is how I am programmed

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