Give in.

Sometimes I cant help wonder why,
Its hard to let go and say goodbye.
I want you to love me,
I want you to see your breaking me down physically and mentally.
The words that you say hurt worse then a knife,
Makes me regret the day you walked into my life.
Like a idiot I stick around hoping things wont be the same.
I let my guard down I have myself to blame.
You seem to be getting worse you don't love me you cant see,
all the abusive things you do to me.
I doubt you'll ever change your ways not only messing with my heart and emotions but playing to many head games.
I'm close to fed up not sure how much more I can possibly take.
Over and over my heart you intentionally love to break.
My cries you cant hear them, my tears you don't wipe away,
When I'm hurt you never comfort me or have the right words to say.
I strongly resent the name calling, lying, cheating, disrespect and, abuse.
I have to draw the line somewhere I cant continue I refuse.
Belittled put down reminded daily I need you,
I wish it was easy to get rid of you and once in for all be through.

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