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Give Me A Love I Never Knew

Am I the only one you really love at the end of all of this
Did you truly find your soulmate and are you sure of the bliss

Is there ever a place you'd rather be when I make you mad
Can you find it in your heart to forgive me if I only made you sad

And if you can then I know we were truly meant to be as one
It isn't just a passing thing this really could be true not just for fun

If I am yours as I want you to only be mine then we should never stray
Only overcome and be faithful to this after said and done it's the only way

Never doubt the way I feel about you or even about us for that would be wrong
Remember ours is one to which the greatest lyrics are written in a great song

I promise the same always as long as you'll allow me in your life or as long as 'we' are
The days for us will go more than before and we can outlive any by any length no matter how far

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    Love is such a complicated thing that very few see the beauty in