Give me Love

was wondering if you’re here?
Or if you’re ever near?
I feel so far from you
why can’t I hear you dear?
Have I escaped your memory?
Have you forgotten me?
Or am I just a dream?

Please God make me clean
Water my soul
Let me Grow
Give me life, give me Love
Give me a sign from above

Please don’t leave me here
to live alone, or live this lie
if you give me a second chance
I’d like to say I’d try
But this growing fear
is too near, this fear of death, this fear I’ll die.

I dreamed of him just yesterday
But his face I can’t make out
It’s lost in this cold world of doubt
From which I’ll never get out

I can’t think straight
These lines feel so fake
The words may rhyme
But these thoughts will be forgotten in time

I hear the wind chymes outside my window
as dawn breaks to day
The ocean waves rush over me
And wash my fears away
I don’t want to wake
Cause I know it’s a dream
For I feel safe at last it seems

Why can’t I talk to them
Like I talk to him?
He loves me I know
But loving him I cannot show
These aching fears eclipse my memory
These tears travel to the depths of my soul
Water my heart until it is full

But through the cracks it leaks again
It’s starting to look like a tragedy, like a trend
When will this cycle end
ripped and torn I take my glue
and try to make this paper heart look brand new

This story I am telling you tears this heart apart
But these growing feelings just wont depart
Like a flower with no pot
growing wild growing free
Like the waves with no sand
A raging stormy sea

I hope to grow to love you
As I love him
I’ve prayed many times
That my heart you would win
but fearing loss
I toss my paper heart in the wind
And watch as the pieces lead to the end

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