Give Me More

I'm so consumed
Our World is doomed
We stay staring at our phones
And forget what to do
We forget that there's more
We neglect the birds soaring
We find it impossible to sit and read a story
Every other minute
Our faces are down
Never paying attention to the people that are around
At this point I can't even tell you the sounds that nature makes
Really not even sure what's at stake
But I know this isn't all that it takes
There has to be more in store for our lives
Men never even paying attention to the woman that they wife
What is this life that we are living
If you can call it that
It seems this generation just seems to lack
Common sense is uncommon
What color is the sky
The images are a lie
But we will never know unless we grow into a more aware society
It's so profound
Cause in the end everything that we revolve our life around
Won't even be able to be found

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