Give Me Something More

Is our existence only for just now
Does the end of life for us end in a bow

Found was the wisest one understood
With no hate nor addiction only the good

If ever this were a story told that was true
I'd like to meet the one it has to be none or very few

I drift away in delirium from exhaustion to say the least
Out of sorts with not a puzzle of a clue to be pieced

How long shall I fight this way for what I feel to be right
Can I now move on to wherever there for me is endless flight

If never there is such a place that for me awaits eternally
Will my soul rest ever if I knew otherwise could I ever be free

Life to most is so complicated and unseen till we are that one
For some it is the end and till now we will just have finally begun

If there are things after the end to from which we become even more
Then I am asking for finality awaiting patiently for whatever's in store

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This Poems Story

I wonder what comes next after this life and seek to find truth in such a thought