Give me the one two three and fo

Give me the one two three and four.Poem.
Give me the one two three four turn me up in the headphones let me sink my love for you in this tone.........Give me the one two three four argument erupts between us your out the door you say you don't want any more..... Your girlfriends always haten on me and yet they know nothing about me what kind of friends are they I thought they were suppose to support you through thick and thin don't let them judge the mistakes between you and I........... Give me the one two three and four keep me turned up on the headphones here comes the honest the right feelings for you........ I adore you I love you I laugh and keep my fire burning when your friends say screw you to me there just jealous cause I'm the legally blind man who knows how to tell the world how I truly feel no weeks or months sell I spread the word quickly as priority mail be around by the next day now what are there haters gonna say.

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