Give the lady a try

Should I give her a try. Become faster than a locomotive
Breaking down with a cry is not a good motive.
Running like a coward won't make things better
I hear it's amazing. Makes you float like a feather

Best feeling ever. Should I give her a try
Hear the feelings awesome. Your worries might slide
But more problems will blossom. Once you invite her in
She's here to stay. That's when the trouble begin

Living day by day. Thought time flyed
Now it's in warp speed. Opportunity passing you by
You thought it was what you need. To give that lady a try
Make it easy to breath. Try and get some sleep
But that pressure that pester. Underneath a rug you sweep

Once you invite her in all doors become shut
As constant as the wind in a traffic jam your stuck
What once was the Apple of your eye
It's no more because you have that lady a try

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