Giving In

Always there hidden behind the light
But when hope falls through roles change
Curious by the loss of light
Darkness trades, anger and desperation overwhelm
Expectations rise and light dims
Fair bright innocence fades to
Grey dark impurity, a whole state
How do you let it
Imitate you. the other side of you
Juggling to balance
Known limits disappear and dreams collide
Liable to giving up to giving in
Merging dreams with fantasy and delusion
Never understanding the need for sensibility
Overly confident forecasts
Plan A without a Plan B
Quotas not met then
Rage engulfs the success
Stalker that now has the power to be its own
Tinted no longer with ambition
Unfazed by what was once important
Vivid dreams of the once bright future now dull
Why shoot for perfection?
Xs replace the ✓s
You're your own downfall
Zest should make you realize the answer that you are searching for

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