“Giving Up”

I fear
I may be giving up
What should I do
I’m confused at what
I’m supposed to do
I never thought
I would give up
I fear that it may be true
That I’m giving up
I never felt so lost
At what I should do
I believe I shall give up
So that maybe just maybe
I’ll be able to live
I guess not completely live
I only be half alive
I’ll be numb to most things
But at least I’ll be alive
Even if it’s only half alive
It’s just I’m not sure
If I’ll be able to
Handle it for much longer
Before I’ll have to give up
I don’t want to give up
I might because I don’t have much
Fighting left in me
Unless someone helps me
Fight back
If someone helps me fight back
I might just be able to live complete
Instead of half alive
So is anyone there to help me

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