Shards of glass embedded in my skin
Engraved further with every word from your lips
Made of glass as well
I’m breaking on the inside
Shattered on your stony resolve
No glue can mend the remains of a friendship cast away
Do all bonds melt in the flame of your hatred?
Is every memory lifeless in your mind
Though it lives on in mine?
So continue on
Your eyes shut against me
Every piece of me is wet with sorrow
You sit unabsorbant as my voice tries to penetrate
The unbreakable barricade of your heart
Across the chasm you sit unphased
My words will never reach you there
Echoing back they taunt my tears
Just like the words you speak
Say that you love me?
I don’t believe these words
All I hear is the look on your face saying I am nothing
I, fragile and breakable
You, ever frigid, hard to the touch
We both are glass

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