Glass Eyes and Broken Promises

Seldom do I remember your eyes, though you always told me to look you in them

The few times I did, they bore holes into mine, too busy to look back into yours as I struggled to hide the feelings behind my eyes

Yours were brighter than mine, but without a glimmer, glossed over like glass

If we’re to compare eyes to glass, mine were broken, but shone like stars, each crack catching against the light of others

There was one light we promised to share one day, do you remember?

Do you remember how you promised to show me the Aurora Borealis?

I leaned in with ribbons of laughter falling from my lips, excited at the thought

You had merely given a response, a usual one

The day my heart bled you stood there with me on the edge of that glacier, holding me away from the ledge

Multiple hours passed that I attempted to pull away from the grasp you had on my wrist

When I finally motioned to make a blow, you pulled me closer instead

You said you wouldn’t leave, though I was asking you to

I pleaded with you until you grew angry, telling me not to say that

You stayed by my side until the sun rose, shining against the ice into our eyes

Even hours after the sun peeked above the mountains, you talked with me

Do you remember how I’d ask you everyday if you’d been eating well? If you’d been drinking water?

You never did like it, but I couldn’t help myself

I just wanted to know you were okay, because this small part of us felt connected even if neither of us knew what it was

Do you remember the day you said we were one in the same?

When you said we had the same lackluster view of life, and neither of us would find a way out without help

Now we sit at this ledge once more only I’m hanging off the edge

The only witness is the moon, and you hold my gloved hand to keep me from falling

I’m shivering, I’m crying and you’re silent

And then you let go

I am a goddess fallen from grace, shot down by a human she’d grown too close to

Olympus has shunned me and I make my way through the cold air

My hair falls in waves as I fling my hands towards the stars and finally I crash

The ground is cold, but not so cold as this impromptu goodbye

Cursed by the gods, I wander the world, tears frozen to my face

In my last attempt, I freeze everything in place, and fall into a hibernation

One day I’ll wake again, perhaps in spring, where new beginnings take hold

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