Glistening Lights

Glistening lights
That's all I see
A shower of sparkles
That passes right through me
A fluttery feeling
Deep in my soul
A tenderness in my heart
That makes every horrid thought go

Glistening lights
They are so me
They're quite amazing
As captivating as can be
They take me to another world
One where I'm free
They lead me down the road
The one where stands he

Glistening lights
They're oh so bright
There's glitter in the air
I feel so right
I'm wrapped in magic
My world is filled with glee
Things have changed
You and I has become a we

Glistening lights
Your warmth is all I'll ever ask
I'm trying to stay sane
Its quite a difficult task
They say life
Is quite hard to understand
Thank you glistening lights
For your helping hand

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