an education
in living in states of derelict-tion
an art
in times, so ugly
to climb the ladder
step on those above
live in spaces
blank, empty rooms
staring into the face
of too old
too soon
falling down
getting up
falling down
make that your art
and molded
but a heart of a rebel
refusal to be like
quite capable, quite Able
a story of hate
this race informed
of its place
on a map
of destined for ruin
fall down
don't get up too soon
...glossy eyed...
pictures and dreams
that this place
can be more than it seems
screwed up
the lost
the hurt
what do we do
with all this
add water
add sand
make it all more
than when you began
utter belief
found under church steeples
founding fathers
but we've lost our
respect for self
sew back together
our moral fiber
hand me a needle
...who has that needle?
educations sought
quickly found
the school of hard knocks
can kick you around
...glossy eyed... glossy pics...
big go gitter
cover this place
with shiny glitter
tossed from above
up on a
soar in
we need your help
in times like these
when eyes cry red
'cus the insides bleed
rimmed are the eyes
take hold, my mind
a gift from the divine
lock me in
...straight jacket...
this body
only heaven can help us
but is she
does she hear the cries
infants sleep
everyone else
trudging, tired
straight jacket
that body
times like these
only insanity can be
a saving grace
prayers said
for this dying race
knee deep
speak the prayers
walk those aisles
bowed heads
rows of pews
leave the church
now what do we
the opposite
of what was taught
for love will win
or it will not
...our choice...


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