Behind military guarded metal, concealed down
concrete enforced corridors, and
electronically-sealed doorways,
the decorated scientists atom-smashed open the rift.
Faster than light shot cosmic radiation bands;
this ancient river from alien spacetime, impossibly
distant yet released upon the earth through their
meddling, quite brilliant experiments, glittered
all the colours of the spectrum on a bed of
underlying mercury silver. Reeling from their
transdimensional success, and already dead,
the laboratory was laid flat within the glint of a sunbeam.
As was all life across the continent.
Pumping from the rift like a noxious gaspipe blow,
by second two the opulent colourstream had
encircled the world. By second four, covering
oceans and mountain ranges and the sky itself,
all life - from man, to animal and sea life kingdoms,
down to insectoid empires and bacterial organisms -
was choked on the deadly poison, and extinguished.
Several million times more lethal than plutonium,
and beautiful, it continued to cast around the
globe at impossible speeds. In starlight it blinked
strong colours frantically, happily, exotically,
making Earth a vast galactic disco ball.
Man, this planet was done.

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