Glittering like Jewels

“Child, you see that?
That is the golden jewel of cuisine
Ranked as high as your sister today on her wedding day.”

“But jida,
Jewels are shiny like the rainbow scales
Of the clear-eyed fish near our house.
How can rice be shiny like the fish?”

“Come a little closer, joonam.
Do you smell it now?
Faint hints of cumin, turmeric, and paprika?
Smell your favorite snack, carrots?
All those together form
The dish that sparkles,
The dish that your father
And grandfather and brothers cooked all night
With a smile on their faces.”

“Jida, I want to do that too!
But you didn’t tell me,
What is the name of that dish?”

“That, joonam,
That is called plov.”

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