Global Warming Global Warning

From what I'm learning about what they say
The world's temperature is climbing day by day
The water at sea level is a risin'
Could Dallas beach sunsets be on the horizon?

What's that? You're hungry? You want a little beef?
Drive up to the field out by the dead reef
You'll see a herd of hot cows standing in clumps
Just carve your burgers right off of their rumps

You're thirsty? You want to drink something cold?
Well, we can serve you, if you'll be a little bold
When you see the iceberg come floating by
Just grab a bucket of chips on the fly

Disease carrying mosquitoes are on their way
When dengue fever's common there'll be hell to pay
If you walk outside and get malaria
Just make sure someone's left to bury ya

Number five hurricanes increasing in number
Beetles in Alaska decimating the lumber
Severe droughts in the south and west, floods in the east
Could we be approaching the belly of the beast?

Global warning!

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