What if all the arms we need are for hug
and life as simple as a sip from a mug
what if my sweat was a blazing slug
that flames the ground and made it a burnin rug.
What if my tears was just a camouflage
and my nightmares as such a glory beyond mirage
what if I fall down without a rage
knowing I'll stand up and start a new page.
Some days the sun is hard to face
and hard times seems like an endless race
but I give my dreams a hot chase
praying to God almighty for his saving grace.
I have got the heart of roaring lion
they say iron sharpens its own, I am an iron.
And I gallop high like a black stallion
sticks and stones cant crush my bones, it got ions.

For all will be alright
I will survive the night
and all my dreams will come to live.
I'll fight and not flight
I'll put on the armour of a shining knight
My glorious dreams will come alive.

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