Glorious Flight

The melody is clear as it's whispered in my ear,
Of a place and a time long ago.
Our bodies gently swaying to a tune that is sweet,
As the rhythm turns into a flow.

Entwined in the heat of this magical beat,
Makes our bodies explode with delight.
As the sweat beads our brow, our hearts
Soar somehow, on a rapture of glorious flight.

Meshed close together, two bodies light as a feather,
Feeding off the melodic bliss.
Hearts race, lips quiver, a slow pace sends a faint shiver,
Thinking of that time sealed with a tender kiss.

Come take me away, back to that day,
When our bodies did endlessly meet.
Turn the stereo on, back to that mystical song,
Before all the precious memories retreat.

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